Monday, June 13, 2016

It Is War

It's a new day. And it's a new war. The enemy recruits on the Internet from among people already living among us. He wears no uniforms, yet he is well trained and equipped. He follows no rules of war, and like the Kamikaze pilots of the Second World War, he expects to die for his ideology in the conflict. He is a frightening enemy. And if we hope to win or even survived, we must do something differently.

We are armed with the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution that reads thus:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

It is now time to revived that "well regulated militia."

For too long we have argued the right to bear arms. The liberals and Progressives propose that if we regulate the ownership of guns we will protect ourselves. That idea has not worked. And it will not work in this new day. Maybe yesterday, maybe in the world of make-believe where all are kind hearted friends. But not today. Not with such an enemy as we face. I wish it were otherwise. I wish we could rewind history to 1950. I wish we all lived in Mayberry. But we do not. We live in the new and deadly reality of an enemy among us. And he is not going away.

We have tried - not very successfully - defeating him in his homeland. But there is no real homeland for this enemy. And our will has been too weak. Our attacks have only succeeded in scattering him like cancer cells let loose in the body. We must do something differently. We must revived the well regulated militia.

We must have armed and trained men and women on the front lines, front lines that are not in some remote country of Africa or the Middle East but in Orlando and San Bernadino and Boston.

We have the core of that militia already. They are the thousands of men and women who have served in the military in Korea and Vietnam and Kuwait and Iraq and Afghanistan. They are trained and capable. They now need to be armed and carrying. The front lines are here.

Let's give them the responsibility of defending our nation again. Let's retrain them in the art of this new kind of war. Let's certify them and identify them as soldiers in this war. Let's arm them and expect them to be ready to act in defense of this country in the sports stadiums and night clubs and airports and public buildings and everywhere the enemy may target.

Let's add to their number others who work in our schools and colleges and public services. Get them guns, any who would step up to this responsibility, and train, identify and certify them. And let them carry their weapons openly as deterrent to any who would turn their weapons upon us. That is the well regulated militia we need for this new day and new war.

Imagine if there had been one in ten in the crowd at the nightclub in Orlando carrying weapons. That would have been thirty people who would have had weapons and the training to use them. There would not be fifty dead today. Believe me, there would not. Imagine if there had been one in ten at the Inland Regional Center party armed with a Glock.  There would not be fourteen dead today.

It doesn't take a tactical rifle to stop a terrorist. He might be better armed with his AR-15. But an AR-15 will not be enough in the face of ten men and women with  9mm Glocks and the will to use them. Yes, there will be casualties. But that is the price our men and women in uniform have always been willing to pay for freedom. And be assured, that is what is at stake here. This is war.

A well regulated militia is what we need in this war. Our law enforcement people and the FBI  have been doing a good job. And they can do what a citizen militia can't, they can identify and interdict the enemy before he strikes. But they cannot be everywhere. And everywhere is the front line in this new war. A well regulated militia of citizen warriors can.

But isn't that proliferating guns in our society? Isn't that making our world more dangerous? That  is the argument of the Liberals  and Progressives. In the old world I grew up in that may have made sense. But this is not Mayberry. It is not fewer guns that we need, it is more. But they must be guns in the hands of a well regulated and trained and qualified citizen militia.

Yes. Let's keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unfit and criminals. But those are few. And even those would be limited in what havoc they could do if we had a well regulated citizen militia.

Imagine if the office personnel and even a few teachers had been armed and trained in the use of their weapons at Newtown Elementary. There would not be twenty dead children today. Believe me, there would not. Adam Lanza would have been met by return fire as soon as he turned his gun upon Principal Dawn Hocksprung. He would not have made it down the hall to the first classroom. Imagine if the administrators and teachers at Columbine had been armed and trained, if even some of them had been, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold would not have gotten down the hall and into the library where they murdered 12 students and a teacher.

Instead in each case police were called. They prevented more casualties, thank the Lord. But they were too far away and too late to prevent the deaths of the students who died. If we had a well regulated militia this would not have gone down as it did.

We know that is true. That is why most schools have an armed security officer in the hall. We do in each of the high schools in the North Thurston School District. And just over a year ago one of those officers, a friend, stopped a student who had brought a gun to school with the intention of killing kids with it. But what about the doors he could not cover. I walk through a side door every morning I work at North Thurston H.S. I am not met by a security officer. Anyone could carry a gun into the building walk down a hallway away from the front door and gun down dozens before the security officer could find him and end it. But what if half of the teachers carried a weapon and had the training to use it?

None of this is pretty. I hate the thought of it as much as the anyone. I don't like the idea of guns in schools or in night clubs or at sporting events. It seems like we should not have to have that. But we live in a new day. And this is a new war. And we must do something differently.

So let's allow, even require, a well regulated armed citizen militia. Let's keep it safe by requiring training and by responding to any and all misuse or mishandling of firearms decisively. There should be no guns let unattended for kids to find. There should be no one with a criminal record allowed to own or carry. There should be no one on drugs, legal or otherwise, certified to carry a gun as a part of the militia. But there are many thousands of citizens who  could qualify.

And let's not remove the right of all our citizens to self-defense. They need not be certified to have guns or to defend their homes and families, yes, even if they must defend their homes and families against a tyrannical state. It has happened before. In fact, our founding fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment for that very reason. It had happened, and they knew if could happen again.

Let's be ready.