Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bullets and Blood

If you are unclear about the difference between Jesus and Mohammed there is no starker picture than the massacre that played out in the Kuran Ma Munjan valley of Afghanistan last week. Ten unarmed medical aid workers on their way back from a humanitarian mission to remote villages in the Puran valley north of Kabul were stopped by Taliban murderers and summarily executed beside their vehicles. So much for the "peaceful religion" image Muslims have been trying to sell to the world since 911.

Tom Little was among the ten who died. He had spent thirty years of his life in Afghanistan providing medical aid. He was living out his convictions as a follower of Jesus. The Taliban killed him because of his faith. It is that simple.

Let's see. How often have Muslims in the United States, and there are many, been executed on the street by Christians (distinguish, please, between Americans and Christians) because they were Muslim?

Or compare the cultures that have arisen from the two religions. In America thousands of Muslims gather in their mosques each week. How many Christians worship openly and freely in Afghanistan?

Muslims are free to proselytize on the streets of any of our cities. They have that right by law. How about Christians in Afghanistan?

But these are contrasts carefully selected to show Islam in a bad light; there have been atrocities committed by Christians as well, some might say. So go to the holy books. Mohammed promoted his religion by the sword; Jesus told Peter to put up his sword. And Jesus paid for his choice of the path of peace with his own blood.

And there you are: bullets and blood. Muslims from the beginning have conquered by sword and gun. (No wonder that they find themselves pariahs in the world today.) Christians have won the hearts of people by their willingness to give themselves as Dr. Little did in Afghanistan even to the point of shedding his own blood.

The difference is clear.

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